Sikuki Nuuk Harbor A / S (Sikuki) has built a new and modern container terminal with harbour cranes, warehouses and workshops, and leases the facilities to Royal Arctic Line A / S.

The dock to the new harbour is made with a wall of iron, after which the area inside the wall is filled with bursting stone.

On the subsides to this page you can read about the individual elements of the construction, watch video from the first underwater blasts, and in our image gallery you can see a series of photos from different phases of the construction.

The building comprises a total of:

  • 310 m + 50 m berth
  • 47,000 m2 container terminal
  • Depth 10.5 m + 5.5 v. LAT
  • 3,300 TEU - 500 reefer plugs
  • Mobile harbour cranes with higher productivity
  • Terminal and buildings can be expanded and adapted to future needs

For the filling of the quayside was used approx. 340,000 cubic meters of bursting stones.

Here the blasted rocks from Qeqertat and Fyrø was used.

Along some of the quay, the underwater rock was higher than the depth of 13 meters, and had to be blasted to ensure sufficient depth.