Port of the future


With the far-sighted decision to found SIKUKI and construct new facilities at Qeqertat and Fyrø (Admiral Isles) in Nuuk, the infrastructure in Greenland has received a major facility improvement adapted for future requirements.

The terminal established by Sikuki Nuuk Harbor A / S will meet the challenges facing the existing container port.

The port will also allow the port-related companies, including trawlers and cruise ships, to grow and increase activity levels.

New terminal for future needs:

  • 310 m berth compared to the previous 100 m
  • 47,320 m2 container terminal - 50% larger than the previous area
  • 3,290 TEU - 500 40 'reefers
  • Can handle twice as many containers as the former, without further investment
  • 3- or 4- times capacity can be achieved by expanding the container terminal and purchasing additional cranes

See pictures from the port and the creation of the new terminal in the submenus under Photos.